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  • Oh my goodness, we've allegedly been sued!

         We here at Banned Ventures, LLC thought we've seen everything. Running a website that relies strongly on community standards, self-moderation, and self-reliance has its risks. But despite the number of odd scenarios we've faced, we've never actually been sued.

         We're here today because, allegedly, we have. We have not been served, and heck, nobody's even sent us email that there was a problem - unlike some of you that email us all the time. But there's apparently a suit out there, filed by a Mr. Joseph Rakofsky, that names us as a defendant. It also names one of our users, several attorneys and their blogs, and even The Washington Post. ( Holy cow! We've allegedly been sued right next to the Washington Post! )

         We wanted to let you know this - it's better than the news arriving from one of you. Mr. Rakofsky has apparently amended his suit at least once, adding defendants that have commented on this matter in the wider internet. We guessed that one of you might notice the suit, publish it to our site, and thereby put everyone at risk who commented. The fact that we have to spend our time with such preambles emphasizes just how chilling, and upsetting, this matter is to us.

         We are not encouraging or discouraging any commentary by our user community, save to obey the laws of their respective locations, and bannination.com's community standards. We wanted to make you aware of the risk of litigation by posting on the matter here, or frankly, anywhere else on the internet.

         That is all we are going to say on the matter for now. In order to not compromise the options for legal defense we have, and out of the respect for other defendants, we don't want to be the ones to jeopardize the case. We're not going to specifically comment on Mr. Rakofsky ourselves, but there is some interesting stuff here.

         Thank you all for your continued love and support - if you would like to help with our defense, you can always purchase MasterbN features. Heck, you don't even have to use them - just consider it a non-tax-deductible donation towards saving our little corner of the internet.

         Much love and thanks for the support,
         Banned Ventures, LLC

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