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    It was dark, the thread was slow and life was good. As the resident bNers began to enter, they began tagging, but a common theme was evident on everything they tagged...

    "tag match with greencorvid"

    Things that had never before been seen, heard or read by human kind has already been tagged by greencorvid. But who is this mysterious lurker who sees into our thoughts and RIPS our tags straight from our subconscious before we even contemplate a tag?

    greencorvid is stealth
    greencorvid is lurking
    greencorvid is watching

    Think you are original? Go ahead, someday when you are awake at 3am, in a deserted thread on a deserted website. Tag. And you will see, "tag match with greencorvid"

    Maybe someday you will be lucky to see him post. But don't even attempt a tag, for when greencorvid posts, it means that every possible combination tag has already been done.

    Be wary bN, greencorvid is watching.

    Biographer: jamin aura
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